It was a great year.... 2011


A lovely little after dinner walk with Miss Violet. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.View full post »

A day at the farm for the Hunters!

Two gorgeous blond boys and another babe on the way in only two weeks!Arlo and SilasA perfect day on the farm~Mama~View full post »

A morning at the farm!

Be sure to be on the lookout for Ava and the neighbor's chicken, Henrietta, on the cover of the Food and Farm guideView full post »

June has finally arrived!

Thank goodness the weather will be warming up a bit! We are so very ready here in Pendleton!View full post »

An amazing photography class with Shilowe!

She was such an imp at the shoot darting here and there. She finally stopped a second and I got this. 🙂 I was soView full post »

Tiny sleeping baby, you are the Universe. Every cell in you, was once a star. Perfect With a mama who is anView full post »

Lucky ones…..

So adorable!   Many thanks to Shaindel and Jared the super in love couple that I have had the pleasure of getting toView full post »

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